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Can any one help me ?

I run my application via xcode iphone simulator 4.0 , now i want to stop my application ,so when i click my iphone simulator home button it didnt stop the debugger . I dont know why ?

Can anyone help me ?

The xcode debugger is still running ? I didnt see such a problem in iphone os 3.0...

Thanks in advance...

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As said below it is suspended. You can also "Stop" it in the debugger rather than the sim/home double tap + remove. The debugger is still active during suspension, so if you restart, you can still hit breakpoints. – NWCoder Jul 29 '10 at 8:10

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The home button now suspends the application in the background. With iOS 4 you must kill the process.

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@dragon: You can kill the process by: double tapping the home button, then you should see your app in the toolbar, hold your finger down over it and then press the '-' button to kill the process. – Akusete Jul 29 '10 at 7:40

Isn't there a option for terminating app in the xcode itself? I suppose there is red button that can stop the app.

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You can force your application not to suspend but actually killing itself by adding "Application does not run in background" in your -Info.plist file.

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