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I'm trying to learn reg exp,

i want to get title of <img only from the text

the text is differ and basically look like this

<a href="http://abcde.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://abcde.com/img/aa.jpg" title="img title" id="img id" class="img class" />

any guidance and advise are appreciated..

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expression not expersion in the subject.... please :( - or regex to save some typing and spelling pitfalls. –  Peter Ajtai Jul 29 '10 at 8:19

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look in this so answer:


a lot of good answers !

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it would be something like that:


but i would advise to parse html through dom (DomDocument, simplehtmldom, etc):

$doc = new DomDocument();
$imgElement = $doc->getElementById('img id');
$title = $imgElement->getAttribute('title');
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You'll get the answer "Don't use regular expressions!" But if you still want to, try:


PS: This regex assumes that there is no > in any attribute before title. If this may not be assumed, say so.

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