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I am wondering if there is any way to list all the calls to a function in source code, so that I could see the dependencies if I modify that function.

One method I use is to search the function name in the "Entire Solution" but I am looking for a better way.

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Right-click on the call and select "Find All References".

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Thank you very much. :-) –  Timothy Chung Dec 3 '08 at 3:21

A brute force method is to change the name of the function and recompile and look at the errors. Sometimes I have trouble with the Find References functionality in VS.

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This is the crudest, grungiest tip I've ever heard! But it speaks to blood lost trying any other way. I love it! –  rp. Dec 3 '08 at 2:42
I think I got this tip from Martin Fowlers Refactoring book, if you were curious :) –  grepsedawk Dec 3 '08 at 2:52
creative one :-) –  Timothy Chung Dec 3 '08 at 3:22

On method declaration: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+T

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+1 Unbelievably useful, thanks! –  Sabuncu Apr 28 '14 at 11:34

Use NDepend. It comes with a VS add-in that allows you to do CQL queries on the fly. See this screenshot.

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Of course this only works for .NET code and not unmanaged C++ code –  grepsedawk Dec 3 '08 at 2:27
www.cppdepend.com - yup, virtually identical tool for C++ –  Andy Dent Mar 24 '11 at 2:15

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