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I m going to use webservice , jbpm, hibernate and spring so which application server is better to use? Websphere vs jboss? please descrivbe reason.....

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If you're using Spring and Hibernate you can use Tomcat. It's sufficient - you don't need to spend money (lots of it) on WebSphere or learn JBOSS. (JBOSS used Tomcat for its servlet/JSP engine last time I looked.)

If somebody else was paying I'd ask for WebLogic, because I think it was the best Java EE app server on the market.

But Tomcat should be enough.

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If you are not planning to use EJBs and you are only interested in web services then JBoss and WebSphere are both overkill. WebSphere is expensive and takes more administrative effort because of its complexity. It supports federated server deployment and a high performance JMS bus, if you need these features.

As has already been said, Tomcat would be sufficient for your needs. IF you want additional enterprise grade features then you could look at Spring tc server.

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I have not used Websphere, so I cannot comment on direct experience. But if price is an issue, JBoss wins.

There's a pretty good write up here:

And here they talk more of a pros vs cons:

Jboss has a pretty large community, so getting answers to questions is a nice experience.

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