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Is there any way to find whether the database is in backup mode or not. Is any sys tables can provided this informtion.

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Are you referring to a Recovery model in SQL SERVER ? if so, the query is:

select name, database_id, recovery_model_desc from sys.databases

if you are referring to Oracle database, and you're asking how to check whether the database is in backup mode (after issuing 'alter database BEGIN BACKUP'), then the query is:

select * from v$backup;

if one of the rows return with ACTIVE in the status column, then one of the tablespaces is in backup mode.

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Thanks Roni, i used ur ys.databases table along with backupset and got the required qry : i am only in need which database is not taking part in Backup process. here its begins : select * from sys.databases where name not in (select database_name from backupset); –  Dhiva Jul 30 '10 at 6:39

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