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I want to do Multiple Download/Upload parallely in FTP using C# without using FTPWebRequest. I have written my custom code and when i try to download two files simultaneously first one get download properly while second one shows size as 0 KB(it also downloads).

public void sendCommand(String command, params string[] strfilename)
    if (command == "RETR ") //Downloading file from Server

        FileStream output = null;
        if (!File.Exists(strfilename[0]))
        output = File.Create(strfilename[0]);

        output = new FileStream(strfilename[0] , FileMode.Open);

        command = "RETR " + strfilename[0];

        Byte[] cmdBytes = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes((command + "\r\n").ToCharArray());
        clientSocket.Send(cmdBytes, cmdBytes.Length, 0);
        Socket csocket = createDataSocket();

        DateTime timeout = DateTime.Now.AddSeconds(this.timeoutSeconds);

        while (timeout > DateTime.Now)
            this.bytes = csocket.Receive(buffer, buffer.Length, 0);
            output.Write(this.buffer, 0, this.bytes);

            if (this.bytes <= 0)
        //  this.BinaryMode = true;

        if (csocket.Connected) csocket.Close();

        MessageBox.Show("File Downloaded successfully");  

        else if....so on


In my main method i do like this:

ftpcommand.sendCommand("RETR ","RMSViewer.xml"); //Downloading from Server
ftpcommand.sendCommand("RETR ","cms.xml");//Downloading from Server  

Any code snippet....

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As Dave said, you'd need separate instances of your ftpCommand class. Look into use the BackgroundWorker to run the commands in the background (asynchronously).

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@Patrick :So if there are 100 files i have to create 100 instaces ? –  Swapnil Gupta Aug 5 '10 at 12:07
I doubt you'd be able to download 100 files simultaneously -- most FTP servers put a limit to the number of connections a single IP can make (to prevent a single person from overloading the server). Your original question asked about downloading two files simultaneously. With two different instances of your ftpCommand class and a couple of BackgroundWorker classes, it is doable. –  Patrick Steele Aug 5 '10 at 12:14
@Patrick : 2 instances ? Can you pls tell me where to create 2 instance in my above code.Thanks. –  Swapnil Gupta Aug 5 '10 at 12:44
No, I can't since your code only shows a single method. Look back in your code where the "ftpcommand" is created. That's where you'll want to create multiple instances and have them execute on a separate thread (i.e. BackgroundWorker). –  Patrick Steele Aug 5 '10 at 13:44
@Patrick : FTPCommand ftpcommand = new FTPCommand(ServerAddress, UserName, Password); ftpcommand.Login(); ftpcommand.sendCommand("CWD ", "/home/praveena/RMS"); ftpcommand.sendCommand("PASV"); //ftpcommand.sendCommand("NLST *", //ftpcommand.sendCommand("NLST *"); //Directory Listing ftpcommand.sendCommand("STOR ", "FTP.pdf"); ftpcommand.sendCommand("STOR ", "Linux.pdf"); ftpcommand.sendCommand("QUIT"); Here you mean to say ? –  Swapnil Gupta Aug 6 '10 at 3:37

How are you issuing your requests simultaneously?


If so - you may want to ensure you're creating separate instances of your "ftpcommand" class.

I think we'll need more information to be able to help you :)

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Ya Like i want to know how i can create thread on it for simultaneous requests.Sepearte instance means i didn't get you . i am using like this ftpcommand.sendCommand("RETR ","RMSViewer.xml");//Downloading from Server ftpcommand.sendCommand("RETR ","cms.xml");//Downloading from Server –  Swapnil Gupta Jul 29 '10 at 12:01

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