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I'm developing a Windows Phone application. I make the question here because I think a silverlight question.

I have defined the following Navigations URIs on App.xaml:

<!-- Navigation links-->
<nav:UriMapper x:Name="UriMapper">
        <nav:UriMapping Uri="/Destination" MappedUri="/Views/Tourism/Common.xaml?Type=1"/>
        <nav:UriMapping Uri="/Points" MappedUri="/Views/Tourism/Common.xaml?Type=2"/>

And the following C# enum:

public enum TourismItemType
    Destination = 1,
    PointOfInterest = 2,
    Content = 3

I want to change the '1' on MappedUri="/Views/Tourism/Common.xaml?Type=1" with the value obtained from TourismItemType.Destination.

I think, I can do that:

And do it programatically, but is there any way to access the value represented by TourismType.Destination on XAML?


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This can be easily achieved by passing the value of the enum as a string and then parsing it into an enum in the OnNavigatedTo event.


and then in common.xaml:

string selectedType = "";
if (NavigationContext.QueryString.TryGetValue("Type", out selectedType))
    var tit = Enum.Parse(typeof (TourismItemType), selectedType, true);

    // do something with `tit`...
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