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I'm generating some RSS feeds from my Drupal site. They work fine in Firefox and IE8, but in IE6 and 7 it is displaying the XML. The feed location is at

Can anyone help?

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IE6 does not have a native RSS reader, so plain XML is perfectly normal and expected. If a "prettified" view in IE6 is important, you might want to look at using client side XSLT to smarten it up (see this answer for some useful pointers for example).

Not sure about IE7 I'm afraid, I don't have a copy to hand right now. Your feed seems to be meeting all the publishing requirements for IE7 though

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Hi Will, thanks for your answer, and taking the time to have a look. I may just live with IE7 not working and just give users a warning message for it. (I was using IE Tester to test IE7). – Ben Jul 30 '10 at 9:24

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