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I recently noticed that I collected 22GB worth of IntelliTrace recordings. Sadly, I was unable to find a location in the IntelliTrace settings that would allow me to automatically delete them.
Is there an solution to this in Visual Studio or do I have to take care of this myself?

edit: As Hans Passant suggested, I submitted a suggestion to connect.microsoft.com.

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There is currently no setting that will automatically cleanup the IntelliTrace files. Wait for SP1.

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Yeah, it seems like it :( This must be the easiest rep you earned yet :P –  Oliver Salzburg Aug 4 '10 at 10:29

You can specify the location of the IntelliTrace files in VS2012 settings...

Tools --> Options --> IntelliTrace --> Advanced.

Choose "Store IntelliTrace recordings in this directory" and tell it where you want to store the files.

Now you have a few options for deleting the files. You can write a Powershell script... or you can jump over to the Wintellect GitHub page https://github.com/Wintellect/WintellectPowerShell and grab John Robbins' Powershell scripts.

There is a command in there called "Remove-IntelliTraceFiles".

Et voila!

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Stopping and starting your vm on azure will clear the log.

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Perhaps you should elaborate a little more on why this does so. :) –  Miguel Nov 3 '12 at 19:33

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