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I'm trying to work out how Google adds images and styling to their tooltips that appear over markers in google maps.

An example of the desired behaviour can be seen here:

If you mouseover one of the hotel markers, you will see different styles (bold text, normal text), paragraphs or line breaks, and images for the star-rating of the hotel. As far as I can see from the docs, these tooltips are created by giving each marker a 'title' attribute... however, any HTML in this attribute is escaped; you might end up with a tooltip that looks like:

<p class="tooltip-text">This doesn't work!</p> <image src="/images/myimage.png" />

... which is not the desired outcome.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Here is link that shows you how to create a customized tooltip for Google Maps API V3:… To see it in action, go here – mohamed elbou Feb 3 '12 at 3:27
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Check out these tools. There's and infobox customization which pretty much replaces the default one but retains all it's properties. Hope it helps!

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I guess you both answered my question... ie. you DO need to create your own overlay. But those libraries are pretty nice! – Josh Aug 17 '10 at 13:24

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