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When I try to hg rebase -s 1775 --collapse, I am asked to merge all the files I touched since rev 1774. How can I avoid that?


I am just learning how to rebase. I successfully tried the example given here, and a few minor variations. However, in my own repository, when I try the same steps, I am asked to merge a boat-load of files when I rebase. Here's what I do. What am I doing wrong?

 hg update -r 1774
 hg tag "Started-New-Feature"
 hg rebase -s 1775 --collapse

I thought maybe it was because I had updated to -r1774, so I updated to tip after tagging -r1774. Same result.

hg update -r 1774
hg tag "Started-New-Feature"
hg update
hg rebase -s 1775 --collapse

The hg tag creates a new rev -r1784. So I tried updating specifically to -r1783. Same result.

hg update -r 1774
hg tag "Started-New-Feature"
hg update -r 1774
hg update -r 1783
hg rebase -s 1775 --collapse

I've searched the web and SO for related questions and didn't find anything, which doesn't mean answers don't exist. Pointers to existing answers are welcome.


This seems related to a reported mercurial bug that was fixed in 1.4. I have version 1.1. I tried updating to 1.4 or later, but sudo apt-get install mercurial says I have the latest, and the download link on the mercurial page is currently broken. So maybe the answer is just getting the latest version, but hopefully there's another way around this.

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Are you using ubuntu? If so you can use the launchpad ppa version of hg, which tends to be very currenty

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Thanks. I cloned the mercurial repository (hg clone, and built 1.6. I will test with that and report. – cape1232 Jul 29 '10 at 16:19
Excellent! Good luck, and keep us posted. – Randy Jul 29 '10 at 16:35
Unfortunately in the meantime I had to commit the normal way, didn't save the "broken" repository, and now can't reproduce the error. If/when I ever run into the problem again, I'll report back. – cape1232 Jul 29 '10 at 17:02

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