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I'm new to flex, i'm used to flash (CS5 & as3)

I'm trying to load a picture in my swf file to add a DisplacementMapFilter then.

But i'm just cant load that picture.

 import flash.display.*;
 import flash.events.*;
 import flash.net.URLRequest;

 public class pano2 extends Sprite
  public var loader_photo:Loader=new Loader();

  public function pano2()
   loader_photo.load(new URLRequest('cheval.jpg'));
  public function affichage_photo(ev:Event):void


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If you are doing this in Flex is there a reason that you are attempting to do this task in AS3?

You can easily achieve this using Mxml:

<mx:Image source="@Embed(source='../assets/picture.jpg')">
    <mx:DisplacementMapFilter />

Now using @Embed does assume that you aren't using an image you want to load at run time, but even so you can change that easily.

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