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What is a good library for wavelets in R?

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Have you noticed that there is a discrepancy between the title of your question and the content (best vs good) ? :-) Moreover, there are many waveletes-related packages in R with different goals. Maybe you should describe the context in which you would like to use wavelets. – Viliam Simko Nov 12 '14 at 18:37

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I strongly recommend the "Wavelet Methods in Statistics with R" book from Springer in their UseR! series if you're getting started with wavelets. This uses the wavethresh package.

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is this library good for applications to finance as well? – user4 Jul 30 '10 at 15:25

The CRAN Task View on time series has this to offer:

Wavelet methods : The wavelets package includes computing wavelet filters, wavelet transforms and multiresolution analyses. Wavelet methods for time series analysis based on Percival and Walden (2000) are given in wmtsa. Further wavelet methods can be found in the packages brainwaver, rwt, waveslim, and wavethresh.

All of which may provide a start.

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You can use biwavelet package (link here) for:

  • continuous wavelet transform (CWT)
  • plotting the spectrum of a signal
  • feature extraction from time-series (due to CWT)
  • coherence analysis of two signals
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