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I've written a Custom User Control which returns some user specific data. To load the Custom User Control I use the following line of code:

UserControl myUC = (UserControl).Load("~/customUserControl.ascx");

But how can I access string user inside the User Control myUC?

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Oh please reword. This doesn't make much sense. –  Frank Krueger Dec 3 '08 at 8:12
Excuse me English is not my main language. Which part should I reword? –  Philipp Küng Dec 3 '08 at 8:16

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Let's call your usercontrol "Bob"

If you Inherit from UserControl in Bob, then I guess it's safe to do this:

Bob b = (Bob).Load("~/customUserControl.ascx");

For the user part, I can't really follow what you want to do, is the "user" in the class were you create the "Bob" usercontrol and you want to set a property in the "Bob" usercontrol or is it the other way around?

For the first one you should create a property in your usercontrol.

class Bob : UserControl{
public string User { get; set;}

and then set it when after you create "Bob" instance.

b.User = theuser;
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Thanks so far. My code is excactly the same as written above:

public partial class todo : System.Web.UI.UserControl
    private string mysecondteststring;
    public string setValue
            return mysecondteststring;
            mysecondteststring = value;
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        // my code

But I'm not able to create an Instance of poll, in my Web Service code. Do I forget something?

--> Forgot to add the Reference to the .aspx Page, where the user control is loaded dynamically. It's working now with normal .aspx Pages. Example code can be found here

Does anyone of you know how user controls can be added in Web Services aswell, because the Reference Attribute isn't available there?

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Suppose your custom user control's name is "MyUserControl"

Try this code:

MyUserControl myUC = (UserControl).Load("~/customUserControl.ascx") as MyUserControl;
string result = myUC.user;
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How did you do your casts? Can you paste some code here? –  Leon Dec 3 '08 at 8:35
I made it the same way you suggested. But, because I want to load everything dynamically I'm not able put <%@ Register Src="~/customUserControl.ascx" TagName="MyUserControl" TagPrefix="myUC" %> at the top. And I thinks that's why I get an Error when I copy and paste your code. –  Philipp Küng Dec 3 '08 at 8:48
Did you get any compilation or run time error? –  Leon Dec 3 '08 at 8:56
Make sure your custom user control is derived from System.Web.UI.Control –  Leon Dec 3 '08 at 9:02

You will need to cast the loaded control to the actual type and use its public property:

MyUserControl myUCTyped = (MyUserControl)myUC;
myUCTyped.ThePublicProperty = "some value";
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