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I have two lists of IP addresses. I need to merge them into three files, the intersection, those from list1 only and those from list2 only.

can I do this with awk/diff or any other simple unix command? How?

The files look like this:


Thank you!

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If the files are sorted then

join list1 list2

will output the intersection.

join -v 1 list1 list2

will output the ones that are in list1 only.

join -v 2 list1 list2

will output the ones that are in list2 only.

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First sort them, using sort, and then you can use comm.

Intersection: comm -12 <file1> <file2>

List 1 Only: comm -23 <file1> <file2>

List 2 Only comm -13 <file1> <file2>

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Or just plan "comm <file1> <file2>", giving three columns, with "file 1 only", "file 2 only" and "common" (as long as the input files are sorted). –  Vatine Jul 30 '10 at 9:04

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