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I noticed that they have a list of plugins here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Bugzilla:Addons#Integration_with_Source_Code_Management_programs

...But most of those seem either outdated or barely above a simple utility/script as opposed to actual "scm integration". Anyone here use SVN along with Bugzilla here?

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I think that you want SCMBug and possibly also the "VCS" extension. (I believe both are listed on http://wiki.mozilla.org/Bugzilla:Addons.)

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What capabilities do you require that something like scmbug doesn't do? I'm not really certain what you expect integration to really mean.

I think generic integration solutions are less important now because of the hooking capabilities of both Subversion and Bugzilla. Using Bugzilla's web services, you could add a pre-commit hook that communicates with Bugzilla and decides whether to let the commit proceed. You could add a post-commit hook that updates something in Bugzilla to show the commit. You could add an extension to Bugzilla to do whatever in Subversion when a bug has been resolved, but that strikes me as being a dicey proposition.

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