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I'm using DOMPDF to generate PDFs inside of a symfony application.

On my current production server, it works great. I was tasked with moving it to a new server. I checked out the code on the new server, and while it does generate a PDF still, most of the formatting is broken.

Here's an example of what happens: http://geoffreymaddock.com/work/project-dompdf-working.jpg http://geoffreymaddock.com/work/project-dompdf-broken.jpg

Some of the formatting works on the new server, some does not.

Both servers have identical code. They both run php 5.1.6.

The only difference that I can really see is that there are extra php modules installed on the new server. I'm not sure what could be causing this issue though.

Working server modules: [PHP Modules] bz2 calendar ctype curl date dom exif ftp gd gettext gmp hash iconv ldap libxml mime_magic mssql mysql mysqli oci8 odbc openssl pcntl pcre PDO pdo_mysql PDO_ODBC pdo_sqlite posix pspell Reflection session shmop SimpleXML snmp sockets SPL standard sysvmsg sysvsem sysvshm tokenizer wddx xml xmlreader xmlwriter xsl zlib

New server modules:

[PHP Modules] apc bcmath bz2 calendar ctype curl date dba dom exif ftp gd gettext gmp hash iconv imap ldap libxml mbstring mime_magic mssql mysql mysqli ncurses oci8 odbc openssl pcre PDO pdo_dblib pdo_mysql PDO_OCI PDO_ODBC pdo_sqlite phpcups posix pspell Reflection session shmop SimpleXML snmp soap sockets SPL SQLite standard sysvmsg sysvsem sysvshm tokenizer wddx xml xmlreader xmlrpc xmlwriter xsl zlib

Anyone run into this before, or know of specific conflicts?

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Where's the font coming from? It looks like it's being rendered as having zero line height on the new server FSR. –  bobince Jul 29 '10 at 17:26
There are inline styles that provide the font css. It definitely looks like the line heights are rendering as zero. I confirmed that the HTML that is passed to the DOMPDF class is identical on both servers. –  Geoff Maddock Jul 29 '10 at 18:42

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I figured out the problem.


Contained static paths for font locations on the original server which broke on the new server. Took a long time to figure that out, but glad I did.

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