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I would like to ask if there's any Java package or library that have the standard URL normalization?

5 Components of URL Representation


  1. scheme: http
  2. authority: www.example.com:8040
  3. path: /folder/exist
  4. query: ?name=sky
  5. fragment: #head

The 3 types of standard URL normalization

Syntax-Based Normalization

  • Case normalization – convert all letter at scheme and authority components to lower case
  • Percent-encoded normalization – decode any percent-encoded octet that corresponds to unreserved character, such as %2D for hyphen and %5 for underscore
  • Path segment normalization – remove dot-segments from the path component, such as ‘.’ and ‘..’

Scheme-Based Normalization

  • Add trailing ‘/’ after the authority component of URL
  • Remove default port number, such as 80 for http scheme
  • Truncate the fragment of URL

Protocol-Based Normalization

  • Only appropriate when the results of accessing the resources are equivalent
  • For example, example.com/data is directed to example.com/data/ by origin server
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URI uri = URI.create("http://www.example.com:8040/folder/exist?name=sky#head");
String scheme = uri.getScheme();
String authority = uri.getAuthority();
// ...


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@lockone: My pleasure :) –  Alain O'Dea Jul 30 '10 at 14:35

As others have mentioned, java.net.URL and/or java.net.URI are some obvious starting points.

Here some other options:

  1. Galimatias (Spanish for "gibberish") appears to be an opinionated and relatively popular URL normalization library for Java. The source code can be found at github.com/smola/galimatias.

    galimatias started out of frustration with java.net.URL and java.net.URI. Both of them are good for basic use cases, but severely broken for others

  2. The github.com/sentric/url-normalization library provides another (unusual, in my opinion) approach where it reverses the domain portion; e.g. "com.stackoverflow" instead of "stackoverflow.com".

You can find other variations, sometimes implemented in languages such as Python, Ruby, and PHP on Github.

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http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/net/URL.html handles most of what you're looking for.

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