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I'm working on a small application in Qt and I'm using the SQL library together with SQLite as the database. So far this has worked out well. The QSqlQuery class only provides a method for getting column values by index instead of field name. However, using the record() function the current row on the query can be turned into a QSqlRecord, which has the value() function for getting values by field name.

So, this works out just fine and allows me to write shorter and cleaner code, but a join query like the following brings problems:

SELECT t1.*, t2.* FROM table1 AS t1, table2 AS t2 WHERE t1.table2_id=t2.id

So we execute this query as normal, and convert a row to a record. But turns out that the column names in the QSqlRecord aren't prefixed with the table name - for example, there are two columns called id to be found in the record object. This is obviously a bit problematic.

What's the best solution to this problem?

(I've found this issue in the Qt bug tracker, but it's not of much help.)

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I have a similar problem using a subselect and case statements aliased, so that my work is done by Sqllite. Unfortunately when popped into SqlRecord there is only 1 field set, so I can't even access my data in any way (by id or by field name). Anyone have a solution? – gollumullog Jan 31 '12 at 20:01
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The field name is totally dependent on the driver; so the issue is really with SQLite itself, which might be doing the 'correct' thing after all (correct, as in SQL standards, which I haven't checked).

Anyway, easy solution: just give your fields an alias in the SQL itself, though, you can't, and really shouldn't, use select * from:

SELECT t1.id TI_ID, t1.name TI_NAME, t2.id T2_ID FROM table1 AS t1, table2 AS t2 WHERE t1.table2_id=t2.id
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For what it's worth, the Qt MySQL driver also has this behavior. – Tyler McHenry Jul 29 '10 at 18:17
@Tyler My gut feeling is that this is the correct behavior. – Gianni Jul 29 '10 at 18:24

I found this problem as well but discovered that if you use the QSqlQueryModel to create your QSqlRecord it works fine:

QSqlQueryModel *model = new QSqlQueryModel;
model->setQuery("SELECT t1.id TI_ID, t1.name TI_NAME, t2.id T2_ID FROM table1 AS t1, table2 AS t2 WHERE t1.table2_id=t2.id");

int TI_ID          = model->record(0).value("TI_ID").toInt();
int TI_ID          = model->record(0).value(0).toInt();
QString TI_NAME        = model->record(0).value("TI_NAME").toString();
QString TI_NAME_from_id= model->record(0).value(1).toString();

You should get the same values for the id and name using both styles.

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