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Ruby on rails if i submit my create auction form, i want to show in my facebook. how to do that? someone said using OAuth to connect it with my facebook account.. please help me...

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You need to ask a more specific question... this is like "I want a huge house... how do I do that?" –  Mitch Dempsey Jul 29 '10 at 17:42
This is a badly worded question, but there's a kernel of a question there. I think the gist of it is "I want to put things on Facebook using my Rails app. Where do I start?" –  tadman Jul 29 '10 at 19:45

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I used oauth2 gem for similar thing, here's a simple example on how to connect with it to facebook:
(but you don't really need a separate controller for that)

Also, see 'Requesting Extended Permissions' section here, you'll need 'publish_stream' permission to post content:

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If I understand you correctly you might try and read up on the Facebooker API and then install the Gem (or the plugin, wichever suits you) and build from there.


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