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I have a window that is hosting a user control. I wish to pass (raise) events in the parent window that should reach the user control. How do I define events in the parent window that the child user control can also receive.

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As I recall the steps should be:

  1. Define a delegate in your parent window
  2. Define an event in your parent window
  3. Lets say in your window Loaded event attach the usercontrol to the event, eg -

    this.MyEvent += new this.MyDelegate(this.UserControl1.SomeMethod);

    Take note that SomeMethod must match the MyDelegate definition.

  4. Raise the event in your parent window per application logic.

For examples of how to define delegates/events then google is your friend ;) Also don't forget to unregister your usercontrol from the event, when it's no longer required (when the window closes).

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