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HTML: saucydares.freehostia.com/saucy.php I should just add that while there are no images, the site contains adult themes so isn't work safe.



    mysql_connect("mysql4.freehostia.com", sebsal2_db, "");

    function him()
    $HIMquery = "SELECT dares FROM sebsal2_db.him UNION SELECT dares FROM sebsal2_db.other ORDER BY Rand() LIMIT 1";
    $HIMresult = mysql_query($HIMquery);
    while ($HIMrow = mysql_fetch_array($HIMresult, MYSQL_NUM)) {echo "$HIMrow[0]";}

    function her()
    $HERquery = "SELECT dares FROM sebsal2_db.her UNION SELECT dares FROM sebsal2_db.other ORDER BY Rand() LIMIT 1";
    $HERresult = mysql_query($HERquery);
    while ($HERrow = mysql_fetch_array($HERresult, MYSQL_NUM)) {echo "$HERrow[0]";}

    function double()
    $DOUBLEquery = "SELECT dares FROM sebsal2_db.double ORDER BY Rand() LIMIT 1";
    $DOUBLEresult = mysql_query($DOUBLEquery);
    while ($DOUBLErow = mysql_fetch_array($DOUBLEresult, MYSQL_NUM)) {echo "$DOUBLErow[0]";}

    function himlong()
    $HIMLONGquery = "SELECT dares FROM sebsal2_db.him2 UNION SELECT dares FROM sebsal2_db.other2 ORDER BY Rand() LIMIT 1";
    $HIMLONGresult = mysql_query($HIMLONGquery);
    while ($HIMLONGrow = mysql_fetch_array($HIMLONGresult, MYSQL_NUM)) {echo "$HIMLONGrow[0]";}

    function herlong()
    $HERLONGquery = "SELECT dares FROM sebsal2_db.her2 UNION SELECT dares FROM sebsal2_db.other2 ORDER BY Rand() LIMIT 1";
    $HERLONGresult = mysql_query($HERLONGquery);
    while ($HERLONGrow = mysql_fetch_array($HERLONGresult, MYSQL_NUM)) {echo "$HERLONGrow[0]";}

    function doublelong()
    $DOUBLELONGquery = "SELECT dares FROM sebsal2_db.double2 ORDER BY Rand() LIMIT 1";
    $DOUBLELONGresult = mysql_query($DOUBLELONGquery);
    while ($DOUBLELONGrow = mysql_fetch_array($DOUBLELONGresult, MYSQL_NUM)) {echo "$DOUBLELONGrow[0]";}


/*    $mode = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['mode']);
    $player = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['player']);
    echo $player;
    echo $mode;

    if ($player=="For him" && $mode=="Classic Collection") {

    if ($player=="For her" && $mode=="Classic Collection") {

    if ($player=="Double dare" && $mode=="Classic Collection") {

    if ($player=="For him" && $mode=="The Long Game") {

    if ($player=="For her" && $mode=="The Long Game") {

    if ($player=="Double dare" && $mode=="The Long Game") {

It is designed to read two drop down lists and display a random field from a mySQL database depending on the combination. Echoing the variables is not permanent, was just a test. Two problems:

  • Using var_dump($_POST), if you select Classic Collection it sees all the options in the right hand box as "For him" and if you select The Long Game it sees them as "For her".

  • For this reason the if statements don't work.

Thanks for your replies!

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have you tried doing a var_dump($_POST) to see what is actually being submitted? –  Fosco Jul 29 '10 at 19:06
See my comment to Mchl's answer -- the issue is the data.php file you are posting the Javascript to. Whatever is assigning "For him" as the value to player, that's the issue. –  Nathan Loding Jul 29 '10 at 20:35
thanks for your reply. can you see anything specific? I still can't find it... –  Sebastian Jul 29 '10 at 20:45
the javascript should be assigning the value based on the dropdown selection. the value is only turned into a variable in php. –  Sebastian Jul 29 '10 at 20:47
Are you sure that's data.php? Again, the post value for "player" is set to "her", but that var_dump is displaying it as "For her" so there's some transformation happening somewhere. –  Nathan Loding Jul 29 '10 at 21:02

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Values are 'him','her' not 'For him','For her'

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Thanks for your reply. How is that relevant when the variable is based on the selected text as opposed to the values of the options? –  Sebastian Jul 29 '10 at 19:11
I think I need more sleep :P –  Mchl Jul 29 '10 at 19:13
Haha :) You may be on the right lines though as the only bit that doesn't work is the second box. –  Sebastian Jul 29 '10 at 19:17
No, I think you're on to some Mchl -- because the var_dump or whatever it is prints "For him" but the selected value is definitely "her" -- so something is off on the back-end, not the Javascript, I think. –  Nathan Loding Jul 29 '10 at 20:34

Your code could use some serious condensing. The if statements should be nested, and the functions could be condensed to one function using parameters. A possible function signature:

function game($player, $mode)

Then base your business logic and queries inside the function on the parameters.

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