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I'm doing development on MongoDB. For totally non-evil purposes, I sometimes want to blow away everything in a database—that is, to delete every single collection, and whatever else might be lying around, and start from scratch. Is there a single line of code that will let me do this? Bonus points for giving both a MongoDB console method and a MongoDB Ruby driver method.

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use [database];

Ruby code should be pretty similar.

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@MarkGuk I found the new code in about 45 seconds and updated the answer –  Josh K Nov 30 '12 at 7:12
very evil command !! –  ajduke Jun 13 '13 at 11:49

Also, from the command line:

mongo [database] --eval "db.dropDatabase();"
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I don't believe this works in 2.4.6. My records still exist. –  Brandon Clark Sep 1 '13 at 17:35
Don't include the square brackets. –  tmandry Mar 31 at 1:31

I had the same problem, when I needed to reset all the collections but didn't want to loose any database users. Use the following line of code, if you would like to save the user configuration for the database:

use <whichever database>
db.getCollectionNames().forEach(function(c) { if (c.indexOf("system.") == -1) db[c].drop(); })

This code will go through all collection names from one database and drop those which do not start with "system.".

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drop collection 

use databaseName 
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Hear are some use full delete operations for mongodb using mongo shell

To delete particular document in collections: db.mycollection.remove( {name:"stack"} )

To delete all documents in collections: db.mycollection.remove()

To delete collection : db.mycollection.drop()

to delete database : first go to that database by use mydb command and then

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if you want to delete only a database and its sub-collections use this :

  • use <database name>;
  • db.dropDatabase();

if you want to delete all the databases in mongo then use this :

              if(d.name!="admin" && d.name!="local" && d.name!="config")
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