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Compare 2 dates with JavaScript

I'm working on form validation for my application and i want to know where i would be to start looking at to find date comparison eg a start date and an end date. The dates inputted in to my application are in the form: DD/MM/YYYY. Thanks in Advance,

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You may want to check this post stackoverflow.com/questions/492994/… –  dave Jul 29 '10 at 20:20
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If you are using the Javascript Date object, you can simply do:

var startDate = new Date();
var endDate = getEndDate();

if (endDate < startDate)
    alert("Houston, we've got a problem!");

EDIT: Changed naming a bit just to stick to camelCase convention, even though I despise it.

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this function lets you convert dates to timestamps with wich you could work: http://caioariede.com/arquivos/strtotime.js

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First, you'll want to parse the text into Date objects, then use the language's built-in date comparison. For example:

var dateStr = document.getElementById('foo').value;
var date = Date.parse(dateStr);

var dateStr2 = document.getElementById('foo2').value;
var date2 = Date.parse(dateStr2);

if (date < date2) {
    // ...
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