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I'm trying to debug into a third-party library (GTS). I installed the shared library and its debugging symbols from the Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu. I also downloaded the source files for the library from Sourceforge.

I'm using Eclipse CDT to debug one the provided examples, and I would like to go into the library's code. The problem is that during debugging, Eclipse simply skips the library function calls even when i go into it step by step.

Can someone help me with this problem.. Thanks

I'm using Eclipse Helios with CDT 7.0

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Obviously either GDB is not finding the debugging symbol files, or is rejecting them as not matching your actual binaries.

As the first step, try to figure out where GDB is looking, and whether the files are there. The following (gdb) show debug-file-dir should tell you where GDB is looking for separate debuginfo files.

If the .debug/ files are actually installed where GDB expects them, (gdb) set verbose on may provide additional clues about why they do not get loaded.

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