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Working with a large code base and I'm hesitant to run annotate on all models. Is it possible to use the Rails annotate plugin to just annotate one model at a time?

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I'm looking at the annotate 2.0.0 source and the only options to the rake task are some basic switches. It does not accept any other arguments or switches. I would guess that you're out of luck for the old-fashioned way.

It's a really simple gem. You could always make the modification yourself and submit it back to the project. Open source has its advantages. =]

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It's not hard to make a config/initializer monkeypatch that adds the functionality you want. That's a good compromise between forking and submitting a patch. –  tadman Jul 29 '10 at 20:58

The plugin itself is really trivial, about 50 lines of code:

You can easily adjust do_annotations method to read input parameter (or, maybe, just hardcode your model name in there).

But no, I don't see model-selection functionality in there right now.

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