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What's the best way to design for iPhone 4 using either Photoshop or Fireworks?

Essentially looking for dimensions and DPI to start with.


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if you are using photoshop I would recommend this.

  1. Design your application at 640*960, If you can use vector based tools then it will work better for things like the iPad but thats not too important.

  2. Download these scripts - it can create iPhone icons from 1 original file 512x512 at all 6 sizes you need in one go. It also can help when exporting layers from photoshop.

  3. In photoshop, if you want to export a trimmed element from your PSD. Select that layer or layer folder. Run the second script (you might have to right click and select "open with Photoshop"). It will export this active layer at normal size and at the 2x size for retina screens. The file is saved in the same folder as the PSD file.

  4. Drag both images into your xCode project.

  5. When referring to images in your code refer to yourfile.png not yourfile@2x.png, what the iPhone will do at runtime is substitute the correct file for the correct screen resolution.

Hopefully this helps a bit, Cheers, John.

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Creating Custom Icons and Images is a good reference.

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Thanks, this is a great start. So it looks 640x960 is a good starting point. Do you know about DPI? I assume 72dpi. Is that correct? – Ian McIntyre Silber Jul 29 '10 at 23:28

640x960, 72dpi. Use a vector based program so you can easily scale up and down.

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Yes, 72 dpi is correct.

If you only want to view your pictures, then this resolution is the right choice. If you want to print your pictures, however, then you choose a size in cm and choose a resolution of 200-600 DPI.

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Thanks @nicjohnson – Ian McIntyre Silber Aug 10 '10 at 1:55

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