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I am trying to find if it is possible to read PDF Form data (Forms filled in and saved with the form) using iTextSharp. If yes.. please provide some guidance on how.

thanks in Advance...


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You would have to find out the field names in the PDF form. Get the fields and then read their value.

string pdfTemplate = "my.pdf";
PdfReader pdfReader = new PdfReader(pdfTemplate);
AcroFields fields = pdfReader.AcroFields.Fields;
string val = fields.GetField("fieldname");

Obviously in the code above, field name is the name of the PDF form field and the GetField method returns a string representation of that value. Here is an article with example code that you could probably use. It shows how you can both read and write form fields using iTextSharp.

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this works like a charm... I wonder why I haven't looked into this function.. when I tried every other function :). Thanks a lot.. u saved my weekend. –  Bhuvan Jul 30 '10 at 23:22
Public Service Announcement: The following code will not get you what you want: pdfReader.AcroFields.Fields["fieldName"].Value . I wasted a few hours before I found this post. –  Walter Stabosz Jun 21 '13 at 13:55
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If you are using Powershell, the discovery code for fields is:

    Add-Type -Path C:\Users\Micah\Desktop\PDF_Test\itextsharp.dll
    $MyPDF = "C:\Users\Micah\Desktop\PDF_Test\something_important.pdf"
    $PDFDoc = New-Object iTextSharp.text.pdf.pdfreader -ArgumentList $MyPDF

That code will give you the names of all the fields on the PDF Document, "something_important.pdf".

This is how you access each field once you know the name of the field:

    $PDFDoc.AcroFields.GetField("Name of the field here")
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This worked for me! Note the parameters when defining stamper! '\0', true

            string TempFilename = Path.GetTempFileName();

            PdfReader pdfReader = new PdfReader(FileName);
            //PdfStamper stamper = new PdfStamper(pdfReader, new FileStream(TempFilename, FileMode.Create));
            PdfStamper stamper = new PdfStamper(pdfReader, new FileStream(TempFilename, FileMode.Create), '\0', true);

            AcroFields fields = stamper.AcroFields;
            AcroFields pdfFormFields = pdfReader.AcroFields;

            foreach (KeyValuePair<string, AcroFields.Item> kvp in fields.Fields)
                string FieldValue = GetXMLNode(XMLFile, kvp.Key);
                if (FieldValue != "")
                    fields.SetField(kvp.Key, FieldValue);

            stamper.FormFlattening = false;
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The OP only wanted to read PDF Form data (and got a good answer for that). Your code shows how to change PDF form data. –  mkl Sep 3 '13 at 8:10
Sorry, actually posted the answer into the wrong thread... This meant to be explanation on how push values into the fields and preserve form editing when the file is opened again... –  Serg Sep 4 '13 at 20:02
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