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$("#leaderBoard").html("<script2 language=\"javascript2\"> document.write('<scr'+'ipt language=\"javascript21.1\">alert(1)</scri'+'pt>'); </script2>".replace(/script2/gi, "script"));

ie8 not wirking at all. FF3 is exucuting but page gets blank and seems loading not ending.

someone has a clue?

i want to let page load ad on ready.

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are you trying to load a script when dom is ready? –  Eduardo Campañó Dec 3 '08 at 10:48
Use of the language attribute is depricated. Use type="text/javascript" instead. Also, prefer DOM over document.write. Also... use jQuery's script loader, or eval. –  strager Dec 3 '08 at 11:07

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This works for me in FF3 and IE7:

$("#leaderBoard").html('<sc'+'ript language="javascript1.1">alert(1);</sc'+'ript>');

When you use document.write after the page has loaded, it replaces the entire document (http://javascript.about.com/library/blwrite.htm). You essentially replaced your page content with a script tag, causing it to appear blank.

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When you actually have jQuery already, why all the obfuscating hassle?

Simply load the ad HTML into the leaderBoard object, and you're done.

$(document).ready( function() {

Where ad_generator.php would produce an HTML fragment based on some randomization scheme.

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Why not try using jQuery's $.getScript(); function?


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Try this approach:

//////////////////function in page's script section

function aFunction (x) {

    ////script you want to execute



//////////////////////in page's body

var d = $("<div />");
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try wrapping your code in

$(document).ready(function() {
 // your code here
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does not work with the window.onload event

try this code

 $('.myDiv').html('<script src="path\/to-add\/provider"><\/script>');

somewhere near the end of your document Notice that you have to escape the '/' charecter

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