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I'm trying to use Adobe's OggVorbis library. But I can't seem to get the Sound object to loop. I even tried looping the _sound object inside the in the "" package.

Do you really have to reload the file and stream it over and over?

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You can use this very simple frontend which supports loops: – speedy Feb 6 '12 at 18:00

If you're streaming, then yes you'll have to jump back the beginning of the stream. A stream, by definition, is a constant link to the server and does minimal loading of files locally.

But, if you're not really streaming, you should have no problem loading up a file and caching it locally then playing it over and over.

Since you mention Alchemy, there may be other unknown issues if you're trying to use a converted C library, as opposed to native ActionScript.

[Note; I didn't know the OggVorbis library for Flex before now].

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