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Ok so I went out on a limb with the iAd craze and released my a new app for free with iad support. It took me forever to figure out how to setup everything up so that the banner "only shows when there is an ad to show".

Now my app is live and I am not seeing any banner! Does apple just occasionally decide to throw you a bone every now and then and give you an ad to show? How does it work? Does the fact that nothing is showing up in my app currently mean that the iads aren't working, or just hiding properly? Please help!

Ps- I am running ios 4 on my 2g 8gb iPod touch...can iads not run on the iPod?

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Are you in the US? :) –  willcodejavaforfood Jul 30 '10 at 8:11
possible duplicate of Can not see iAd in program? –  Stephen Darlington Jul 30 '10 at 12:07
As has been pointed out in the several other questions that ask something similar, there is a limited ad inventory right now. In addition to that, the targeted nature of the ads may mean that the keywords and / or age target of your application don't match the available ads. –  Brad Larson Jul 30 '10 at 12:53
@BradLarson as I mention below, Apple seems to delay about 24-32 hours before serving ads in a live application for the first time. I think/hope that limited inventory is no longer a problem three years later. Thanks as always for the interaction. –  Yar Jan 3 '14 at 23:41

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iAd is not shown up if your app is just released. It takes a few more days for iAd appropriateness review. Once iAd approved your app you'll see requests in iAd reporting page. I waited for 3 days for my first iAd supported app to see its first requests.

Let's assume you implemented and tested iAd well in your app and there is no network connection issue here.

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First off, make sure your iPod has a valid Internet connection.

Secondly, check to make sure you've added the iAd.framework in your Xcode project and that the sample advertisement shows up in Simulator and Device debug builds.

Thirdly, make sure you've filled out the correct application in iTunes Connect for your application to utilize iAd.

Best of luck to ya!

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Thanks for the answer. I have Internet, I added the iad framework, in the simulator, and on the device when it's built from my computer, the test iad banner shows up (although it's never anything but that black and white apple test ad), I set everything up in tic, and there is a green light showing that my app is receiving live ads, but I have yet to see one... –  Jeff Jul 30 '10 at 5:06
Just a shot in the dark, it might be that Apple doesn't like the fact that you're showing "only when there is an Ad to show"? –  esqew Jul 30 '10 at 5:12
@esqew That shot in the dark is incorrect. Apple insists that you hide the ad banner when there is nothing to show. –  Yar Jan 2 '14 at 20:34

As I known, you can see iAd banner if you are running the iPhone/iPod app in US.

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Just found out that this might due to limited inventory of ads: Can not see iAd in program?

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I just released the first version of my app (MIDI Designer Lite) with iAds yesterday. The iAds took over 24 hours to begin showing.

Of course you have to make sure that iAds are showing in your test app, and also that you've got "iAd Advertising Network Enabled" in iTunes Connect for the app in question.

Note: you can find out all metrics of iAds serving in your app and make adjustments here.

(P.S. iPod touch can serve ads as well as any other device)

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I don't see anywhere to set "iAd Advertising Network Enabled" in iTunes Connect. –  Tom Kincaid Feb 9 at 17:35
@TomKincaid yep, they move stuff around constantly. This answer was from Jan 2014. –  Yar Feb 10 at 21:24

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