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Is there in Windows API or in MFC any analog to atoh() function?

atoh() converts a string containing a hexadecimal number into an unsigned number like

unsigned x = atoh("A");

and x = 10 after the operation.

In Windows I have a CString, containing "A". How can I convert it to int?

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Just FYI - atoh is not even close to being a standard library call on UNIX and the strtol library calls are meant to replace the ato library calls in general now. –  Jason Coco Dec 3 '08 at 12:19
you're right ). Sorry, UNIX also has strtol(). –  Nikita Borodulin Dec 3 '08 at 12:27

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long x = strtoul("A", (char **) NULL, 16);
// x will be 10 decimal
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This is signed, not unsigned. Sigh. I'm getting petty in the hunt for rep points. :| –  unwind Dec 3 '08 at 12:12
@unwind, that's true... just change it to strtoul for him :) –  Jason Coco Dec 3 '08 at 12:18

unsigned long ten = strtoul("a", NULL, 16); should handle it, if you can get a plain old char *-representation out of the CString. The accepted solution using strtoul() does a signed conversion.

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For compatibility with CString, which can be either based on char or wchar_t, #include <tchar.h> and use _tcstoul. –  ChrisN Dec 3 '08 at 12:38

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