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I used .Net's dynamic data entity to implement a website that sits on top of my db (see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee845452.aspx)

In the List.aspx-View for a table, I am able to sort/filter the data of the gridview. After having clicked on a row's 'Details' link, I would like to provide the user a 'Back' button in the Details-View that navigates the user back to exactly the same filtered/sorted table.

So far, all sorting and filtering information is lost when navigating back to List.aspx.

Any ideas how to implement this feature? Do I need to work with ViewState?

Thanks a lot

Cheers Chris

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have a look at my article here AJAX History in a Dynamic Data Website this works when using the back button in the browser to navigate back to the List page.

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