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My TabActivity contains two tabs which calls two two different activities . I want to setResult() for the TabActivity when either one of the child finishes.

Is there any method to find out when my activity inside tab finishes ?

Thank you -Eby

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I found another way

`   @Override
    public void finishFromChild(Activity child)

finsihFromChild will let us know when the child activity is finishing!! @pentium10 thank you very much for your suggestion..

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Ok i've got an even easier method to pass the result:

in your child activity do this

Intent list = this.getIntent();

and then in the parent do this:

public void finishFromChild(Activity child) { 

        Intent test = child.getIntent();
        setResult(new Integer(test.getAction()));
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actually to clean up the code just do this in your child activity this.getIntent().setAction(Integer.toString(RESULT_CODE_TO_PASS)); – Rohi Zacharia Nov 17 '10 at 20:12

You need to issue a Broadcast from your child activity(when finished) and implement the BroadcastReceiver on the class you want to catch the broadcast. You can use the extras to transfer data from one activity to another.

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