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We have a database, and we data into database from diferent sources . One source sends data through an email. I have to write a shell script in such a way , that it establishes a connection with that mail (eg: gmail) and acess the inbox of that mail. If possible converts the recent mails in the inbox to text format.

Kindly help me please.. I dont know unix, but still i am given this task...

I am struggling since 2 weeks.. But I could'nt get solution..

Plss help

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R u shalini kota, Pydah college of Engg & Tech. Visakhapatnam? –  alishaik786 Oct 3 '11 at 6:01

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Why you don't write a little program in java or another language which gives you this possibility! Then you can call your program in a shell script! Finding a shell script with this functionality will be not so easy, if it is possible!

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do u have any sample script –  Shalini Jul 30 '10 at 12:44

Use perl or write a small java app using javamail api and invoke it using shellscript

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Google Command Line Tool could help you.

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Look for command line pop3 readers. A fine example is Getmail which is written is python so you can have a glimpse what it's doing.

$ getmail --getmaildir /path/to/otherdir --rcfile getmailrc-account1
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