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I've noticed the search engine is drupal sometimes requires to be re-indexed in order to update its index with latest posts.

I was wondering how often the re-indexing is performed, and if it is automatically performed by default.

Is it triggered by cron process ?


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Re-indexing is sort of a misnomer. In Drupal, re-indexing a site means clearing out the current index and re-doing the entire index. This is only done manually, from admin/settings/search.

Using cron, Drupal will add new and updated nodes to the existing index: it doesn't re-index the site every time cron runs.

Drupal's index update only occurs during a cron run. Either go to or run it from the Status report page at admin/reports/status.

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Is it triggered by cron process ?


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Cron reindexes your site as often as you tell it to run, but you can always do it manually as well at yoursite/admin/settings/search.

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