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I just need to know is it possible to change UITableViewCellEditingStyle image ?. If possible please tell me How to do that?

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I don't see any delegate methods for changing the editing-style view.

You could change the editing button title with the delegate method -tableView:titleForDeleteConfirmationButtonForRowAtIndexPath:, however.

You could also override UITableViewCell and create a custom cell with UITableViewCellEditingStyleNone and a custom editing style behavior and appearance.

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In case you're still interested you can actually get this to work by intercepting willTransitionToState and didTransitionToState in a subclass of UITableViewCell. The solution does involve "hacking" around in the cell view hierarchy. Look for the description of recursiveDescription on UIView on how to "dump" a hierarchy, but you will find a UIImageView of which you can change the .image property...

Fairly ugly hack, but does not actually use any private api.

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