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/project on /mount_1 type none (rw,bind)
/project on /mount_2 type none (rw,bind)
/project on /mount_3 type none (rw,bind)

How to check with ruby(not shell!!) if some dir is mounted on /mount_X?

Is there something easier then opening /proc/mounts and looking for /mount_X there?

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Another way to do it is:

system("mount|grep /mount_X")
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As long as you are under linux, you find many answers directly by reading from the filesystem:'/proc/mounts').each do |line|
  device, mount_point, file_system_type, mount_options, dump, fsck_order  = line.split(" ")

which leads to the following solution for your problem:

if File.readlines('/proc/mounts').any?{ |line| line.split(" ")[1] == "/mount_X"}
    puts "Yes, it is mounted!!!"
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You can just parse the output of the mount command:

`mount`.split("\n").grep(/bind/).map { |x| x.split(" ")[2]  }
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a little twist to @tvw's answer did it for me. Read /proc/mounts line by line and do a partial string match on the mountpoint full path mountpoint/folder_name .

 raise "Failed:  not mounted" 
 unless File.readlines('/proc/mounts').any?{ |line| line.split(" ")[1] =~ /folder_name$/ }
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