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I want to search for all possible dates in a string using Regex. In my code i have this:

String dateSearchPattern = @"(?<Day>\d{2}).(?<Month>\d{2}).(?<Year>\d{4})|(?<Day>\d{2}).(?<Month>\d{2}).(?<Year>\d{2})";

// date format: or d.m.yyyy or or d.m.yy
String searchText = "20.03.2010.25.03.10";

Regex.Matches(searchText, dateSearchPattern); // the matching SHOULD give a count of 2

The above code gives only 1 match where it should give 2. Also i need to have a patthern when the date format is like d.m.yyyy or d.m.yy.

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Please provide sample data as well. :-) –  Caladain Jul 30 '10 at 12:50

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The pattern seems perfectly ok. It is giving two match. By any chance have you used the following line to check the count?

var match = Regex.Matches(searchText, dateSearchPattern);

I used SD 3 on .Net 3.5 (w/o sp1) and your code is giving your desired result.

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You can change your pattern to this:

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