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Trying to route:

scope :shortcut do
 resources :text_elems

Using basic scaffold with form partial

<%= form_for(@text_elem, :shortcut => @shortcut) do |f| %> 

Problem is: When I call the edit action, the form html shows as:

<form ... action="/25/text_elems/25">

Note: The new action renders the form action correctly:

<form ... action="/home/text_elems">

So it appears that my :shortcut param is getting trumped by the :id param when form_for processes it's block. Now I am able to get the action to correctly route with the :shortcut param if I manually make the :url => {...} in the form_for block, but I would prefer to keep the code dry, plus I want to report this problem to rails if it is indeed a bug.

Can anyone else confirm this as a bug?

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Actually, you can pass the values as a full hash, rather than trying to rely on the default to_param (which is what gets called if all you do is pass the @text_elem)

<%= form_for({:id => @text_elem.to_param, :shortcut => @shortcut}) do |f| %> 

however, if this is actually a nested-resource, you could also do:

<%= form_for([@shortcut, @text_elem]) do |f| %> 
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I was having the same issues and none of the above answers helped.

The last answer on this page worked for me though...


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