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I have started using cakePHP and have a little problem using routes. I'm trying to make some kind of catalog for products (e-shop without shopping :)) and like to have urls like "" where -c means category and 154 is an Id of specified category. I like to pass this type of URLs to one controller, say CategoriesController but the route:

                    'controller' => 'categories',
                    'action'=> 'display'
                    ':categoryUrl' => '(.*)-c([0-9]+).htm'

doesn't working. It keeps searching for "main_category" controller as main_category is after first slash.

Have you guys (ladies too of course ;)) have some idea?

Thank's a lot kraklin

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You probably need to escape the hyphen. It's listed as one of the characters escaped by preg_quote(). And you definitely need to escape the dot.

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