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I want to "simulate" a multi-touch event for another application, e.g., simulate a zoom-in gesture on iPhoto. I searched many sources but can't find an answer for that.

It seems the most common way to sending an event to other application is with script bridge, getting a SBApplication and then send an AppleEvent. But it seems the general gesture or multi touch events are not there for common applications.

Also, there is no function like CGEventCreateMultiTouchEvent...(), thus I don't know if it's achievable by CGEventPost()

The method NSApplication.sendEvent might be able send a NSEvent which has the multi touch type defined. But how could I get the NSApplication* of another application?

Any help will be very appreciated :)

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Apple Events are high-level events like “do that thing to that thing”, not low-level events like “click/touch there”. –  Peter Hosey Jul 30 '10 at 23:19
Just an idea, can you create the NSEvent then invoke the CGEvent method to get a CGEventRef to use with CGEventPost()? –  Nick Moore Apr 13 '11 at 21:45

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I would script the application directly. I'd use "plain" objective-c.

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