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I have a server (debian lenny), spectral analyzer and I have downloaded collection of source codes from Steve Sharples's site. With these s. coudes I am able to connect to spectral analyzer - type command and get the responce.

For example:

my-atom:~/vxi11# ./vxi11_cmd
Input command or query ('q' to exit): *IDN?

and I get: Rohde&Schwarz,FSV-7,102004/007,1.50 SP1

Am I able to connect to this server, write command and read the responce using PHP? I was thinking about sockets, but I am not sure if the best choice.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks, Petr

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You can execute external programs using exec, shell_exec, system, or proc_open.

I would recommend proc_open, which allows you to set up pipes for stdin, stdout, and stderr.

Check out the proc_open link.

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Thanks Brandon, I quite like shell_exec this is exactly what i want. But the trouble is that I have two physical machines (first - app (server), second - analyzer) with different IPs. How can connect from my xxx.xxx.xxx.234 to xxx.xxx.xxx.187 run the shell command, grab the data and send them. Thanks –  praethorian Jul 30 '10 at 16:32
If you need to connect to the remote machine from php, I would recommend looking into using one of these execute methods with ssh and an identity file. You can use ssh and an identity file to execute commands on a remote server without providing a password. –  Brandon Horsley Jul 31 '10 at 3:27

Also you can do like:

$result = `SOME_COMMAND_HERE`;
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You can combine shell_exec with netcat:

$output = shell_exec('echo "TRAC? TRACE1" | netcat -q 1 5025');
echo "<pre>$output</pre>";

Note the -q 1 option, which causes netcat to wait for 1 second for the answer. You don't need this wait time on "set" commands. Also, *IDN? does not need the wait time, but many other query commands do.

Using netcat for this connection is dangerously close to the bare metal. You might want to write a shell-script that catches common errors. You can then call that script with shell_exec instead.

The best way of course would be to take Steve Sharples free library and modify his cmd example to suit your own needs.

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