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I'm trying to add a new library to the android platform, but when I run the "repo status" command, the folder in which my library is located does not show up as added.

If for example my library is called foo, I created a folder /external/foo and placed my library code in it. This foo folder is not seen by the "repo status" command. Is there some way I need to manually add it to the working tree?


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You'll need to add it to your $ANDROID_TREE/.repo/manifest.xml. For ex:

<remote fetch="git://" name="myrepo" review=""/>

<project name="platform/external/speex" remote="myrepo" path="external/speex" revision="9965152ae52eb4dfdafbdcd8b55e39d1a23052e0"/>

for more info:

repo help manifest

Also manifest.xml tends to be a symbolic link to a manifest in a git repo, so keep that in mind.

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