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I am planning to develop a cross-platform script. On Linux and other operating systems, it will store configuration in XDG_CONFIG_HOME and data files (specifically, downloaded plugins) in XDG_DATA_HOME. On Windows, it will use APPDATA for both (unless someone has a better idea). However, what would be the proper thing to do on Mac OS X?

On my first glance through a handy Macbook's ~/Library directory, I saw Preferences and Application Support folders. I was originally planning to use those, but Preferences seems to just contain plists with reverse domain names like com.apple.foo.bar.baz.plist, and every folder in Application Support corresponds to a bundle in /Applications, so I'm not sure how well the system would react to files that don't match its standards. Storing them directly in ~/Library might be an option, but I don't want to pollute it with a stray myscript.conf file if there's a better place for it.

Where should I store these files? (And please don't say just ~/.myscript. I know it's the Unix tradition, but it annoys me to see random dotfiles in the home directory.)

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I would use ~/Library/Application Support/script_name/. The subdirectories inside Application Support are used conventionally by various apps, including Apple's own softwares. But it's not enforced by the OS and not tied to apps inside /Applications. So you're perfectly free to create your own directory in it.

For the directory structure of OS X in general, see this Apple document.

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Okay, cool. Is this suitable for configuration as well, or just data files? –  LeafStorm Jul 31 '10 at 17:34
Both are fine. I added to the answer an official document as a reference. –  Yuji Aug 1 '10 at 17:55

Comparing Apple's documentation for the various paths to the XDG Base Directory specifications approximates to the following locations:

  • XDG_CONFIG_HOME -> ~/Library/Preferences/
  • XDG_DATA_HOME -> ~/Library/
  • XDG_CACHE_HOME -> ~/Library/Caches/

Mapping XDG Base Directory Specification locations for "My App" on Mac OS X could look like this:

  • XDG_CONFIG_HOME -> ~/Library/Preferences/name.often.with.domain.myapp.plist
  • XDG_DATA_HOME -> ~/Library/My App/
  • XDG_CACHE_HOME -> ~/Library/Caches/My App/

These mappings seem pretty reasonable but they aren't exact. Some kinds of cache or data may be appropriate for "~/Library/Application Support/My App", and other may be best in the temp locations or the App bundle. All of it is by convention and the same reasons for using the best XDG_ locations apply to using the best locations on the Mac OS X system.

Your annoyance at ~/.myscript is in line with Apple's guidelines: "Don't pollute user space".


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XDG_*_HOME aren't app-specific — your examples should probably read "XDG_CONFIG_HOME -> ~/Library/Preferences/", "XDG_DATA_HOME -> ~/Library/", & "XDG_CACHE_HOME -> ~/Library/Caches/". (Your post was helpful though! I'm just providing this minor correction for posterity) –  Josh Tilles Jul 22 '13 at 14:38
The examples were locations for "My App". I've added a generic mapping to the answer that shows the non app-specific locations. Thanks. –  jla Jul 26 '13 at 18:16

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