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We use SCM polling to initiate builds on our instance of Hudson. This works great for most of our cases, but I need to prevent Hudson from building during certain hours. I've tried to configure the project's Schedule (under Build Triggers) in Hudson by setting it to:

  • 0-15 * * *
  • 16-23 * * *

Which I thought meant that Hudson would not poll during between 3-4pm. However, if someone checks in during that time, a build is still triggered.

Any clue?

Thanks Mustafa

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Try this:

  • 0-14 * * *
  • 16-23 * * *

Putting the "15" will match anything in the "15th" hour, including between 3-4pm.

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Great thanks. I knew I was doing something silly. – Mustafakidd Jul 30 '10 at 21:00

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