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How can I find an exe file is setup file or not ?

for example :

bool isSetupFile = IsSetup(@"C:\KasperSkySetup.exe");


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Hard to tell since there are so many install frameworks. You could target a few, like MSI, or ZIPSFX, etc., but it will be a lot of custom code and not very accurate. Setup files are just programs like anything else. –  Fosco Jul 30 '10 at 19:42
I find your requirements unsatisfactory sir, move back one step in the process! –  Jimmy Hoffa Jul 30 '10 at 19:42

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It'd require a very complex and error-prone heuristic to tell whether an executable is an installation package or not.
In general, the answer is no, you cannot do that.

Additional reading:

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A setup file could be created by anyone and is a program like any other. But you could probably find some common header bytes for the files if they are created by a popular installer program like Wise.

Information on installer programs (not .msi based) can be found at: http://www.installsite.org/pages/en/tt_nonmsi.htm

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