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I need to learn about Postgresql. I'm trying to branch an application framework which is dependent on Oracle to use Postgresql. I can easily find communities of Java and JavaScript programmers via the web. Oracle communities a little more difficult, but between OTN and AskTom, I do pretty well. But Postgresql seems few and far between. Where do you go for Postgresql? Tutorials are useful too, but I'm hoping for a list or SO style site.

While SO is a great community, it is telling that the tags for this question have a combined usage of a only 155. Not exactly a large group.

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Have you tried the Postgres newsgroup? There's also a community page on the official Postgres website with links to IRC, forums, mailing lists, etc.

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#postgresql on Freenode is very useful, there are also language-specific channels - check the community page which Don mentioned.

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