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Let's say I've got three gems installed: package-0.4.0, package-0.5.0, and package-0.5.0-jbfink (I've built the -jbfink one because I made very minor alterations to 0.5.0's source and want to distinguish it from the official releases) . Is there a gem (or other command) to make one the default? Right now I've got all three installed, but my shell is picking up executables from package-0.5.0, and I'd rather it default to 0.5.0-jbfink.

Naming 0.5.0-jbfink to 0.5.1 fixes this problem, but I don't want to do that because I'd rather not have conflicts with an officially released 0.5.1 when it comes along.

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go to config/environment.rb and specify your gem name a version you would like to use

config.gem 'will_paginate', :version => '~> 2.3.11' or

config.gem 'RedCloth', :version => '3.0.4', :lib => 'redcloth'

Hope this is what you are looking for ;) Petr

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Hi Petr, this isn't a Rails thing so I don't think that will help. But thanks for the reply! –  jbfink Jul 31 '10 at 16:27

if you want to pick a version from the commandline, it's like $ gem_script_name 0.1.0 arg1 arg2...

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