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I have a web site that is a customer to customer (C2C) service. Example, a user is looking for a hockey card of Gordie Howe and another customer wants to sell a Gordie Howe hockey card. If they sell the card 100$, I'd like to have 90$ that goes to the seller and 10$ that goes to me for providing the service (some kind of a reseller commission).

Is there a way of doing this with in a single payment with paypal?

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Should be closed as not-programming-related. – George Stocker Dec 9 '08 at 21:03
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Have the $100 go to you and you cut a check to the customer monthly for their proceeds.

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Simple thinking. But is there any way to do it through coding to reduce much manual work? – Vasanthan.R.P Oct 4 '12 at 11:44

No, I don't believe so.

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You might want to look for something like google checkout or another payment system tailored to merchants and not consumers.

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Can't use googlecheckout, the client is canadian. – dsimard Dec 3 '08 at 18:53

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